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It was quite surprising when I was checking how many users Kik Messenger Online has already. The numbers very high and you would think this android app is not popular and it is in deed. It has over 90 million users worldwide which is a good number and you do not doubt that the developer has reached one of his goals in life. Maybe you are wondering how and why this app has such many users at a time like this. Well, the features and the fact that it is a communication tool which facilitate cheap communication with friends and relative.

The app was not made for PC and there is no official Kik messenger for PC but thanks to technology there came away out in which you can use any android app on PC and different windows.

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Kik Messenger Online without Download

Features of Kik messenger for PC

The first thing which attracts you is the UI interface and it is very easy to use. This means you do not need a user guide to take you through how it is used from step to step. When it comes to chatting, you are not limited on the number of text messages you have to send per day or per hour. No measure in this and this opens a door for you to communicate to the people whom you are connected to despite the global location as long as they exist and have access on  Kik Messenger for Windows.

Another of the most important features in this android app is that once you send the message you will get to know whether it has been delivered. Apart from that, you will as well know if the person is reading it after receiving and also while typing back to you. All this you are notified and it is important unlike the time you would wait thinking that the message was delivered or not while some will read and ignore you. All this you will know while using Kik messenger for PC.

Many people mind so much about sharing their phone numbers or registering with it on their different social accounts. If you are one of them and you have been looking for an app which you do not have to register with your phone number then Kik messenger is here for you. All you need is a username and after that you can get your Kik messenger account. It is as well a reliable tool for communication and sends your message once you send it.

Download Kik Messenger for Windows 8

Kik messenger for PC free download [windows 8 computer]

  • If you don’t have an account yet, You must  Sign Up for Kik Messenger Online
  • The first step to undertake while on this is to ensure that you update your computer’s graphic drivers or install the latest version of the same otherwise the app will not be of any use while on your computer.
  • After that you need to install Bluestacks which is android emulator but if you already have it then proceed to the next step.
  • You will get Bluestacks from their official website and click to download and it will install on your PC.
  • Now, once the download and installing process is complete, go to the search box and enter the keyword which in this case is Kik messenger for PC free download.
  • Click to download and follow the instructions on the screen from step to step. The whole process does not take long.
  • Upon completion you will be able to see Free Kik Messenger on your Computer  and you can click to open and start using it. 

Making communication easier is all human kind want and this is one of the top ways. This is why you should agree with me that Kik messenger is of great help to us all. If in case you have friends whom you would love to share with about Kik messenger for PC, do not hesitate to send them this information. Let them know about this tutorial about How to Download Kik to Your Computer and in case you have question please feel free to let us know.

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