Remove “Ads by Sharp Savings” virus (Removal Guide)

If you have not heard about the sharp savings virus, this article has been written purposely for you with information that you may desire to know including a comprehensive guide on how to remove sharp savings virus from your Computer in case it has been affected. Sharp savings is designed in a way that it should help the author make money being an adware program. It will display advertisements with coupons which if you click generates web traffic to that site you have opened. It may not necessarily be a virus but I will tell you what; that its malicious enough to hijack your browser.

And how is it installed? Sharp savings virus is installed alongside other programs that are downloaded free of charge from the net. You may not know as you install it because installation can also happen as you stream videos or when downloading PDF creators.  It has been developed by 215Apps and innovative Apps and it has been known that more often than not many people are not able to establish its origin and the reason it has been assumed to been assumed to be a virus. Once it is installed, you will always get product images when you visit sites like best buy or Facebook. Sharp savings also displays banners on the particular WebPages that you have visited.  Never the less it is easier to prevent than cure and as such take caution when installing programs and you are advised to only install that which you know and understand about otherwise you.

A guide for you to follow to remove Sharp Savings Virus.

I want to believe that the following guide is comprehensive and will give you all details on how to clean up your computer that has been affected by Sharp Savings Virus. These are steps to follow:

STEP 1: Removing Sharp Savings adware from Internet, Firefox and Google Chrome using AdwCleaner

STEP 2: Removing Sharp Savings pop – up ads with Junkware Removal tool.

STEP 3: Removing Sharp Savings virus pop – up ads with Malwarebytes Anti – Malware FREE.

STEP 4: Double checking for the Sharp Savings pop – up ads infection with HitmanPro

Step 1.  Removing Sharp Savings adware from Internet, Firefox and Google Chrome using AdwCleaner.

Download the AdwCleaner (LINK) utility which should be able to scan your machine for malicious files but before then you will have to close all the open programs on your system.

Then Double click on the icon on your desktop and once the AdwCleaner opens

  • click on scan and detection of the malicious files installed on your machine will begin.

adwcleaner scan

Once detected, click on clean button and you will be asked to save the files do that cleaning can start.

Press clean button to remove the Sharp Savings malicious

Press the OK button

Step 2.  Removing Sharp Savings pop – up ads with Junkware Removal tool.

First download Junkware Removal Tool utility (LINK) and double click on JRT.exe icon and allow it to run if asked.

You will get a prompt command and you should press on any key to kick start a scan process.

 Junkware Removal Tool Scanning

Thereafter, you will get a list of the malicious files and the registry keys that have been removed.

malicious files and registry keys-Junkware Removal Tool

Step 3. Removing Sharp Savings virus pop – up ads with Malwarebytes Anti – Malware FREE.

Download the Malwarebytes Anti – Malware, close all programs and double click on the downloaded icon on your desktop. Download it here

Installation of Malwarebytes Anti – Malware will start.installation of Malwarebytes Anti – Malware FREE  You will then get a wizard that will guide you along to the installation process. Follow the prompts that you will get every time clicking on next.

  Malwarebytes Anti – Malware will then check for updates and you can click on update now if there are any updated required.  Thereafter Malwarebytes Anti – Malware will then start scanning your PC for any Pop – up virus and once that is done, you will get a screen with all theAnti-Malware has detected that has been detectedUpdate Malwarebytes Anti – Malware  Click on “Quarantine All” button for the Malwarebytes Anti-malware to remove any malicious programs that may have been detected.

Quarantine malwarebytes-anti-malware-fix-now

All in the registry will be quarantined and at some point rebooting may also be required to remove others. 

detect virus by malwarebytes anti malware

So allow for your PC to reboot if prompted to do so.

reboot your computer

Step 4. Double checking for the Sharp Savings pop – up ads infection with HitmanPro.

You can also consider the use of Hitman pro that has been designed purposely for that and to help more in rescuing your machine that has been affected by worms and viruses.

1/ So download Hitman Pro and double click on “HitmanPro.exe” file and click on next button for the start of installation.  You can download HitManPro here

hitmanpro install

2/Your computer will all be scanned by HitmanPro and all the malicious files will be detected. They will be displayed and you can click on next button to remove the malware.

hitmanpro scanningThereafter you should click on Activate free license button which will allow you to begin the 30day trial period while removing all the malicious files on the computer.

Click on the “Activate free license”

It works well with any other existing security program and will not have conflicts either. The does a quick scan of your computer and like many would think, your computer will not be slowed down.  You can be assured that HitmanPro will do a great work for you and if you are not sure of whatever you have now, you can upgrade to a higher version. This is especially so if you are still having trouble when removing the above virus.

Don’t be tempted to overlook any of the above steps which you should critically follow. It is after following the above comprehensive guide that you should be sure your PC is free of virus. If all along you though Sharp Savings Virus was a useful program because of the ads it brings your way, then you need to think twice about the same.

You could be tempted into believe that this is a good program but most times it will be annoying since the ads will appear when you don’t need them. So be cautious with what you are opening and what you are installing on your machine. Also watch out when software is being installed for you lest you end up with program looking like they were real software but in return they are supposedly virus the like of Sharp Savings Virus.

It would be too late for you to go back and start cleaning your Computer with Sharp Savings Virus.

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